Social media site Facebook, reveals it image messaging app hoping to rival Snapchat, after accidental release on Apple’s app store.  

Well someone is going to get fired today. The app named Slingshot, bears great resemblance to the currently wildly popular Snapchat. The app features include being able to send “reaction shots” and share photos and videos with friends on the app. Although, this isn’t the only manner in which it mirrors Snapchat, the app also has the feature of all images being deleted once sent and the same customisation options where users can scribble or type over photos.

Despite the leak, Facebook has confirmed its presence; “Earlier today, we accidentally released a version of Slingshot, a new app we’re working on,” confirmed Facebook in a statement. However, it is unclear as to whether the app will actually be released staying due to Facebook being somewhat evasive about the situation: “It’ll be ready soon and we’re excited for you to try it out.”.

The images captured before the app was taken down, gladly showcase quite a lot of Slingshot’s features, including all the ones listed above and the addition of an unlocking mechanism, where photos received from friends must be unlocked by sending a photo back to the original sender.It is speculated that this action of “slinging” is what gives the app its name.

Many have called this app a “blatant copycat app” of Snapchat but despite the reaction, Slingshot may have a strong chance of making it due to the additional features that Snapchat does not have.

CQ – Will you be using Slingshot, if it ever comes to fruition?

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– Tabasum K


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